Camp Matty feedback.... "Richard and Debbie, I want to thank you both for organizing such a great week at camp. Seeing the kids outside of the office, smiling and playing so care free, is the most fun I have all year. I think the kids all had a great time." -Dr. John Gaitanis "Richard and Debbie are the MOST amazing people! There are no words enough to thank you for the love you share with ALL our kids..."thank you" truly seems trivial when appreciating you for the gracious way you give and give and give. I think I speak for all (at Camp Matty) when I say this. THANK YOU!!!" - Mikki Fisher "Zacahry was so disappointed this morning because he was not going to camp! He can't wait until next year!" - Christine Devlin-Tetreault "Grace absolutely loved Camp Matty and will miss everyone tomorrow! Thanks for a terrific week! Love you guys!" -Michelle Dexter "What a great week. Thanks for everything. The kids have really enjoyed themselves and Jack LOVES riding Dolly!" -Barbara Caron