A Child I Care About Has Seizures

For Parents and Caregivers

Family Intake Sheet: Click Here to join The Matty Fund® family. The Matty Fund Epilepsy Resource Center helps Parents and Caregivers face the daily challenges of having a child living with epilepsy.  Many parents are so overwhelmed and scared when their child is first diagnosed with a seizure disorder, epilepsy.  Many parents describe a diagnosis of epilepsy as life changing for the entire family.  Parents and caregivers have so many questions and concerns – here are some of the most common:
  • What causes the seizures?
  • Will the medication prescribed control the seizures?
  • Will my child be on medicine for the rest of his/her life?
  • What are the side effects of the medicine and how will they impact my child’s quality of life?
  • How will the seizures and medications impact my child’s development and progress in school?
  • What resources are available to help me advocate for my child?
  • Are we getting the most out of our visits with my child’s doctors?
  • Are there alternative treatments when medications do not work?
  • Will my child be isolated and ostracized by others, especially his/her peers?
  • How can I help my child be safe when he/she is away from home?
  Matty Fund programs and services help parents cope with children suffering with seizures and the side effects of strong medications; helping them navigate complex medical, educational and social systems on behalf of their children; raising awareness about epilepsy and seizure protocols in schools; and offering programs for children that are safe, inclusive and accessible for all. Click here  for information on the Discovering My Epilepsy Support Group or become a Support Group Facebook “friend”, Click here  to connect with other parents who may share similar experiences.

For Educational Professionals

Raising epilepsy awareness among school age children encourages life long acceptance and understanding of diversity of all kinds. The Matty Fund® is committed to raising epilepsy awareness to promote a happy, safe and inclusive environment for children living with epilepsy. Matty Hatty is a statewide elementary school epilepsy awareness program designed to encourage a welcoming and safe environment for children living with epilepsy . Students of both pre and elementary school age learn about epilepsy in a fun, uplifting manner. Students learn seizure protocols and how to be a good friend to children who live with seizures and epilepsy. Believing that knowledge is power in fighting the myths and stigma surrounding epilepsy, consider inviting your school to participate in the Matty Fund’s® annual Matty Hatty program. Debra and Richard Siravo wrote and published a children’s book, “My Friend Matty – A Story About Living with Epilepsy”, an uplifting story about a proud, young boy who shares his medical condition with friends, classmates and his teacher. This book is the focus of the Matty Fund’s® epilepsy awareness program called ‘Matty Hatty” and it is donated to particpating "Matty Hatty" elementary schools throughout Rhode Island. My Friend Matty – A Story About Living with Epilepsy Click here to order