"My Friend Matty" Book

Debra and Richard Siravo have written a book entitled, "My Friend Matty"- A Story about living with Epilepsy (a version in Spanish, “Mi Amgo Matty” is also available) for elementary school aged children. The book is an uplifting story about a proud, young boy who shares his medical condition with friends, classmates and his teacher. The book is informative and a helpful resource for families and teachers. You can support the Matty Fund® with a $10 “My Friend Matty” or “Mi Amigo Matty” Donation and you will receive a copy of the book.

Click here to read My Friend Matty in an online version  
Click here to order My Friend Matty by Debbie & Richard Siravo Click here to order Mi Amigo Matty by Debbie & Richard Siravo
*Be sure to indicate that your $10 donation is for the My Friend Matty book
 *Be sure to indicate that your $10 donation is for the Mi Amigo Matty book