Epilepsy Workshops for Parents and Caregivers

The Matty Fund® helps plan and support informative workshops for parents and caregivers of children touched by epilepsy. Recent Matty Fund® Workshops have included: Epilepsy Transitions presented in conjunction with the Hasbro Children's Hospital' CNDC (Children's Neurodevelopment Center)  with sessions such as Epilepsy 101, Treatment Options, School Issues, and Transition to Adulthood, Parent and Family Support, Twenty-one and Still Dependent and Transiciones de la epilepsia en Español. Epilepsy Medication Parent Workshop - To learn more about commonly prescribed anticonvulsants for children and young adults, side effects and treatments. Basic Rights in Special Education - Designed to help parents learn more aobut IEP's and 504 plans Childhood Epilepsy, A Hopeful Perspective - Featuring the story of a matty fund family and a discussion of treatment options with a pediatric neurologist. be sure to contact us if you would like to be added to our newsletter listserve to receive information about upcoming Matty Fund® family workshops. Visit our event's calendar to see any upcoming events and workshops.  Our workshops are also available for watching on video and is an excellent source of information.